Gordo's HST Hymn

A song about the HST sung from Gordon Campbell's perspective.

Gordon Campbell

Sung by Zoe Lauckner (Acappella) Lyrics by Terry Hand.


If you are offended by the word "Ass" then please leave now!

Gordo's HST Hymn.


 Gordo's HST Hymn.



The working class, can kiss my ass,
I've brought in HST at last..

My corporate buddies hail me genius,
transferring tax to the seniors.

I've signed away, you're sovereignty,
don't give a damn about democracy.

I'll tax your home, I'll tax your car,
I'll tax you while your in the bar.

I'm selling off your resources,
to US firms lining their purses.

The working class can kiss my ass,
and so too can the middle class.

I'll force small businesses to liquidate,
help multi-nationals consolidate.

I'll transfer power to the Fed,
since you can't get it through your head

Authority doesn't lie with me,
it comes from the rest of thee.

The working class can kiss my ass,
I've brought in HST at laaaaaaasst!

Lyrics by Terry Hand Copyright 11 August 2010 All rights reserved.

Permission to copy and disseminate, provided there are no changes, and links to this page and to the singer Zoe Lauckner's page are included.

More to follow! 



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