The Sum-Thing® Abacus

The Sum-Thing® abacus is a 'hands on' math manipulative. Made up of beads cleverly threaded onto a strong nylon string, so that each bead moves independently. Once moved the beads stay in the position they are left in, even when accidentally dropped during a calculation.

The  beads are made of food grade plastic, and can be washed in the dishwasher, or washing machine ensuring cleanliness.

Teachers like the Sum-Thing® abacus because it is quite in operation, the beads do not come off the string, therfore no picking up pieces at the end of class. Each child can physically do the calculations at the same time, it attracts and keeps the child's attention, it can be used either individually or in groups, and it is versatile.

The Monochrome Sum-Thing® 
Size 10 (10 beads)
t counts, adds, subtracts, divides, multiplies, and shows fractions

The Monochrome version of the Sum-Thing is used to help teach children to count, then to count backward. As well it can help children learn how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, count by two's as well as the concept of fractions.

There are now two types of abacus. Each has a different function!

Perfect for age 3 to grade 5/6 as well as an ideal resources for 'Special Needs'. We have been informed by special needs teachers working with visually impaired, and special needs students that the Sum-thing® abacus is very effective and particularly suited to their working environment. 

As well as the obvious application of counting forward and backwards.

Here we show adding 4 plus 6 equals ten. And 6 plus 4 equals 10.
Or Subtracting 4 from 10 equals 6 or 6 from 10 leaves 4


Here we show that 10 divided by 2 = 5 or 2 X 5 = 10


Here we can show
5 x 2 = 10 or 10 divided by 5 = 2 or 2 is one fifth of 10,
or we can count 2,4,6,8,10


Here we are showing that 10 divided by 3 = 3 and 1/3
which now introduces the concept of fractions.

By laying four sets of size 10 Sum-Thing® abacus side by side on a desk, for example one string of red, one string of blue, one string of green, and one string of yellow. You can now designate the colours as either units, tens, hundreds or thousands similar to the Montessori method.


The Sum-Thing® is one of the most versatile, hands-on manipulative resources available. They are quiet to use, light, self contained (no lost pieces scattering on the classroom floor), easy to use and inexpensive.


The Alternative Sum-Thing®

The Alternate Sum-Thing® is used to show the student how to count alternately, for example 1,3,5,7,9, and 2,4,6,8,10,12 etc. .the alternating colours make this easier to comprehend

We have three different sizes of the Sum-Thing® as follows:

  • Size Ten = 10 beads per string
  • Size Twenty = 20 beads per string
  • Size Twenty Five = 25 beads per string

We sell each type, and size in class sets. A class set is 26 strings of either size or type. We base this on a general assumption of 25 students per class and one teacher.


  • One class set (26 strings) of size 10 = $71.50 Plus $8.00 Shipping
  • One Class set (26 strings) of Size 20 =136.50 Plus $10.00 shipping
  • One Class set (26 strings) of Size 20 =166.40 Plus $12.00 shipping

We will mix and match your order example colours and or Monochrome and Alternate type.


The shipping prices shown above are for customers that live in Canada and the USA (except Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska if you live in these territories please cont us)


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