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FishGillz are not just for anglers.

We sell these very Stylish Sunglasses to boaters, joggers, cyclists, climbers, hunters, kayaker's, golfers, divers and military personnel, Jet skiier's in fact anyone who enjoys or works in the great outdoors. The Ladies just love them because of their stylish design the light weight and the assortment of colours/colors.

The most comfortable Sunglasses you will ever wear. We guarantee it!

are the most comfortable glasses you have ever worn we guarantee it. Weighing less than half an ounce you hardly know you have them on. And with the peripheral lenses they are ideal for sports and for driving.

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Tech Details 2

See the difference FishGillz™ shatterproof lenses make. The difference is CLEAR!

Anglers can see through the water and catch more fish

 Lens demo-2a
Without FishGillz™ Sunglasses

 Lens-demo 2b
WITH FishGillz™ Sunglasses
(see how many more fish you can see?)

FishGillz™ amazing Multi-Layer® Lens Technology completely eliminates glare, from sand, snow, and water enabling the wearer to see beneath the surface of the water.



FishGillz™ Float


Sunglasses Styles

 Animated glasses



 Classic Series

 (Medium to Large Fit)

Item #KDFZ-9500BB
Black Frame
Blue Revo Mirror Lens

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Item #KDFZ-

Black Frame Grey lens

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Item #KDFZ-
Red Frame Yellow lens


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Item #KDFZ-
Black frame grey lens


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    • Floater Core® Frame Technology
    • 3M Polarized Lenses
    • UVA/UVB 400 Protection
    • Flex Lite® Sport Frames
    • Gator Grip® Temple Locks
    • Polar Shield® Side Lens
    • Vapor Shield® Lens Coating
    • Front Loading Lenses


Which Lens Color Is Best For Me?
Gray Lens: Suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. Great for open-water fishing.

Amber Lens: Offers enhanced contrast. Perfect for hazy, low-light, or overcast conditions and for those who prefer a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear. Ideal for early morning or early evening fishing.

Blue Revo Lens:
 Suited for extreme bright light conditions, especially ocean fishing where the most intense sunlight and glare are reflecting off the water.
Fire Revo Lens: Our Fire Lens offers the same protection as our Blue Revo Lenses, but have a reddish/orange appearance for wearers who have a preference for that particular lens color.
Yellow Lens: Sometimes referred to as " Night Vision " Lenses. These lenses actually enhance or brighten very low light conditions. Good for extreme overcast, slightly dark or cloudy conditions where there is very little light present.
Military in Fishgillz
Military In Fishgillz

 Coastal Series

 Medium Fit

Item #KDFZ-Bermuda

White freme grey lens


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Item #KDFZ-Daytona

Black frame grey lens
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Item #KDFZ-Cancun

Pink frame blue revo lens

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Item #KDFZ-Freeport
Tortoise shel frame anber lens


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Always look your best in FishGillz!
Look you best in FishGillz


 Remember to proect your childrens eyes too!

Great fit for children




One Year Guarantee on All FishGillz™ Sunglasses!!


FishGillz™ offers the following Returns Policy:

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please return it to us for a full refund within 30 days in its original condition. This does not extend to shipping charges. We have a one year warranty on breakage and defects. For sunglasses returned more than 30 days after date of purchase, there is a $9 processing fee and $4.95 shipping fee for every pair that we replace due to damage or defects. This warranty does not apply to scratched lenses. Valid proof of purchase is required.






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