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Since 1993

We have been supplying amusement rides, inflatable bouncy castles, the fun-swing carnival ride, slides, ring the bell strikers, .!

We have 20 years of experience to draw on, and our customers (over 100 organizations) bring us back year after year. We have some customers and events that we have serviced every year for the past 20 years, now that's customer loyalty.

We operate all over Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the lower mainland. We have attended special events as far away as Penticton.

We have attended air shows, Canada Day Festivities, fall fairs, kids festivals, Empire days festivals, highland games, school fun fairs, business promotions, union picnics, auto sales events, St. Patrick Day festivities, charity events, weddings (yes even weddings) movie location shoots, run for the cure events and many more!

Typically we start receiving calls around the end of November for the following year. Plus many of our clients pre-book us year after year, we therefore recommend that you contact us as early as possible to book our services and  avoid disappointment.


The Fun-Swing Carnival Ride

We supply trained staff to operate the equipment!

The Fun-Swing carries 30 children or 20 adults (yes Mom and Dad can ride too!), or a combination of both children and adults.


-We need a flat area grass, blacktop or concrete is fine.
-The ride footprint including Perimeter Fence is approximately 36' diameter
-We have our own power for this ride (Generator).


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 Wacky 5 in 1
Image Wacky 5 in1 A

Wacky 5-in-1 

Wacky 5 In 1 Fun House:
A big favourite with the kids. Incorporating a bouncer, obstacle course, tunnel, climbing wall and slide.

Wacky 5 in 1 Fun House

Wacky-5-in-1 Funhouse 





Image Clyde Setting up New West

Image Clyde Inside Wormtown

Image Inside Clyde Wormtown

Clyde the Caterpillar / Butterfly: (This unit is now for sale as USED)

50 feet of sheer delight.
 Enter through the caterpillar end, fight your way through Wormtown (inflatable worms coming through the floor and ceiling, next you go through the stalagmites obstacles, climb up the climbing wall before you slide out of the butterflies mouth and back to the real world, now run like crazy to the other end to start your adventure over again. their imaginations will be working full time in this one!

Castle Bouncer

Image Castle Bouncer

Castle Bouncer: (This unit is now for sale as USED)SOLD

This is a 15' X 15' ans is where the common name bouncy castle comes from. It may be an old concept but the kids still have lots of fun! 

Fun House

Image Fun House

Fun House: (This unit is now for sale as USED) SOLD

A themed variation of the bouncy castle equally enjoyable!


Image Crossbow Gallery


Crossbow Gallery:  

A very popular game. Good for ages 5 to adult (Dad likes this game too!) Consisting of toy crossbows with small plastic safety darts which have rubber sucker ends. When you rent this game we supply the prizes (conditions apply), and every player gets a prize.

No power needed for this
Foot print 10' X 12'

Ring the Bell

Image Strike The Bell C

Image Strike the Bell D



Ring The Bell: (This unit is now for sale as USED)

Remember the fun of the carnival? Well now you can experience that thrill once again.

Our Ring the bell (Striker) carnival game is anjoyed by ALL age groups we can adjust the settings to suit the age group, and everyone gets a prize!


 Fishgillz Various

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