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The world's largest compilation of over 260,000 educational resources and educator sites, reviewed and catalogued by our staff of teachers and librarians for alignment with current curriculum trends. All in an easy to use format.

INET Library is used by schools across the nation because of "quality only" content policies and review procedures. There is more appropriate information available in INET Library, selected to both NATIONAL STANDARDS and BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH, than in any school library. Our staff librarians and teachers search the Internet, screen and review for appropriate content and organize each site into an easy to use library search system with 19 sections, 350 categories, and 2,032 sub-categories. No more huge search results you still have to search through to find what you want.


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Today there are 483 current events sites, 231 museums, 84 picture galleries, and 40 encyclopedia sites in the reference section alone. There are over 4,000 magazines and periodicals, with the most popular ones searchable, over 10,000 books to be researched, read or printed, and over 700 daily newspapers. The Educational Resources section, with over 20,000 sites, over 3,250 Lesson Plans and more than 30,000 Educational Subjects is perhaps one of the biggest help to educators.

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Integrate technology into your classroom with online quizzes, standardized tests, and web-based curriculum linked to State and National Standards.

Give your family access to the best information resource available. Featuring over a quarter million sites reviewed and organized.


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