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Home School Educator

American Civil War
American Museum of Natural History
Australian History on the net
British Battles
British Columbia (Canada)
British North America ACT
Castles of the World
Early Modern Women Database
Forgotten Flag (US)
Hidden From History
History of Costumes
History of the Internet
Information Liberation
Inside the Court of Louis XlV,1671
Middle Ages Religion
National Women's History Project
Natural History Museum (London England)
Naval History and Heritage US
Operation Northwoods
Texas Arrowheads and Indians
The History Place
Unsanitized history
Hawaii (the zinn project)
US National Archives
World History
World War 1 Trenches on the Web

50 State Capitals (Homework Helper)
A to Z Home's Cool
Best On the Web
Canadian Home Education Resource
Christian Homeschool
Free Printable Behaviour Charts
Flora Organization Canada
Ged Options
Homeschool Corner
Homeschool Info
Homeschool Legal Defense
Homeschool Media network
Learn to Read
Lesson Tutor
Pennsylvania Home Schoolers
RefDesk (homework help)
The Kinder site Project
Texas Home School Educators

Unschoolers Online
Why Homeschool Blogspot

 How To

Human Rights

How to Be A Good Graduate Studet
How To Build your Own Boat
How To Make a Kite
How To Build A Digital Library
How To Build A Computer
How To Build A Catapult
How To Build A Birdhouse
How To Build An Inexpensive Seismometer
How To Make Gloves
How Things Work
How Is My Food Processed
How Does a Toaster Work
How To Tie Knots
How To Tie Fish Hooks
How To Make Money Online
How To Easily Build Websites
How Does a Bill Become Law
How Does A Microwave Work
How To Find Products To Sell Online
Human Rights First
Human Rights Violations Sri Lankra
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
What Is Really Going On?
Walmart Ethical Issues
Intercontinental Cry
Center For Econmic & Social Rights
Violations of Human Rights
Beyond Intractability
Human Trafficking


Job Directories


Engineering Jobs
Technical Jobs
Science Careers
Careers ORG.
Teaching Jobs (USA)
Teaching Jobs (Canada)
Teaching Jobs (UK)
Humanitarian Jobs
Aviation Jobs

Language Arts
Japanese Language
Center For Applied Linguistics
National Standards Foreign Language Education
Childrens Literature Classroom Activities
Digital Language Dictionaries
I Love Languages
Web German
Teaching German to Children
Teaching Chinese to Children
English as a Second Language




Legal & Lawful Resources

Lesson Plans

International Law Institute
Whats Really Going On?
FindLaw (US)
US Legal Resources
Legal Research on the Web
American Bar Association
Free Legal FormsUS
Canadian Law
Canadian Divorce Laws
Personal Injury (US)

Teacher Planet
Lesson Plan Search
Lesson Plans (UK)
Slave Trade Lesson Plans
Water Lesson Plans
Teacher Lounge
Learning Page
Free Lesson plans
Pre-School Themes and Lesson Plans
Teaching Bug
Lesson Plan Civil War
Buddy Project

 Online Masters Degree Guide



Canadian Libraries
Airdrie Public Library (Alberta)
Calgary Public Library (Alberta)
British Columbia Archives
Australian Archives
Australian Council Educational Research
London School Economics Library (UK)
Helsinki Library English available (FIN)
Bavarian Library (Ger)
Russian State Library English available (Rus)
Awsome Library
MIT Libraries

Math Online (UK)
Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics (UK)
Institute of Mathematics (UK)
Math Forum
Math Goodies
Dept. of Math MIT
Fun Brain (Free Games)
Mudd Math Fun Facts
Aplus Math
Cool Math
Figure This
Word Problems For Kids
Introduction to Vectors
Trigonometry Calculator
All Types of Calculators
Math Power English French German




Australian Museum
Colonial Williamsburg
Greek Museum
Nanaimo Museum
National Museum Ireland
Liechtenstein Museum
Museum of Science Boston
Museum of Art and Design
Museum of Paleontology (California)
Museum of Tolerance
Royal British Columbia Museum (Victoria)

Classical and Contemporary Composers
Johann Strauss Society of (GB)
Mozart Project
Music Teachers Resource (UK)
Music Therapy
Music History 102
Johann Sebastian Bach
Music Resources
Official State Songs
Online Free Ear Training
Piano on the Web
Violins and More




Native Educational Resources

People For Peace

First Nations House of Learning (BC)
Hidden From History (Canada)
Aboriginal Educational Resources (Aus)
Aboriginal Resources (BC)
American Indian library Association
Bay Mills Community College
Australian Indigenous Education
American indian Science/Engineering Society
Cherokee Nation
College Fund Org.
Mohawk College
Saskatchewan Indian IT
Better World Links
International Solidarity
Veterans For Peace
Peace Action Org.
Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
The Peace Bridge
United for Peace
For Peace in Middle East
Real truth
Truth Squads
Peace college
World Citizen




Performing Arts


Acting Auditions
Metropolitan Opera (NY)
Royal Opera House (London)
Vancouver Opera
UK Performing Arts
Museum of Costume
Costume Museum (Canada)
J.F.K. Center for Performing Arts
Theatre Design resources
On Stage Lighting
Wolf Trap Organization for Performing Arts
Boston Ballet Company
Northern Ballet Theatre (UK)

All About Frogs
Bird n Ways
Hamster Club
Humane Society
Just Tropical Fish
Lost Pet Locator
Pet Education
Pet Forum
Pet Hedgehog
Pet Place
Pet Turtle
Pet Universe




Academy of American Poets
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Edgar Allan Poe
William Blake Archive
William Wordsworth
Poem Hunter
Emily Dickinson
Poetry Soup
Rudyard Kipling
W.B. Yeats

For Adults:
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee
Don Quixote
Fabians Story
Books Should be Free
Orphan Train

For Teens:

Lord of the Flies
What Realy Happens (Bullying)

For Children:
Acting Out
kids Audio stories
Treasure Island



  Please report any broken links you see

Research Tools


Fact Monster
Access to Archival Databases (US)
Noodle Tools
Online Education Database
Digital History (US)
InfoMine (US)
U.S.Government Manual
PrQuest K-12
Perth Union Library (Aus)
University of Toronto Library Portal 
50,000 Genealogy Links

4000 Years of Women in Science
Arizona Science Center
Ask a Scientist (Canadian)
Association for Science Education
Astro Society
Cool Science
Earth and Sky
Elements Database
Equation Sheets
FT Exploring
Government Alberta Edu
K-12 Sciene Ed
Laws and Rules of Physics
Online Calculators
Physics Classroom

Science and Technology Homepage
Science Bob
Score Science


Social Studies/Geography/Social Issues


Country Reports
Magna Carta Kanata Project (Canadian)
Social Science Information Gateway (UK)
U.S. Census Bureau
No Swseat org. (UK)
Global Exchange
No To War
School of Geography (UK)
Better World Links
Bretton Woods Project
Child Labour and Society
Womens National Basketball Assoc.
U.S. Fencing
Kids Running
World Korfball
Sports Arena
JorkyBall (UK)
Athletic Scholarships
Soccer Rules
Track and Field Tips and Drills
Coaching Basketball
Recreational Sports Equipment
Gymnastics Training
Golf Rules (Europe)
Scottish Golf History
Improve your Putting Skills
Netball Rules
History of Baseball





Teacher Jobs

Get Recruited Scholarships
Guaranteed Scholarships
Student Questions
Education Search/Jobs Careers
Student Resources (UK)
Educational Jobs (UK)
Teacher Jobs
BC Teachers Federation
BC Principles and Vice Principles Assoc.
Great Teacher



Videos/Other Media Expand the Mind

Dalhousie (Canada)
London Metro University
London Business School
University of Limerick
University of Aberdeen (Scotland)
University of Alabama
University of Baltimore
University College of Dublin
University of toronto
University of Victoria (Canada)
Victoria University (Australia)

Iraq For Sale
The Corporation
The Real Financial Menace (Audio)
Whats Really Going On?
Amy Goodman Speaks Detaind by CBSA
Public Education Dumbing Down Children
The Emperor's New Clothes
American Free Press
Money Masters
Direct Tax (CAD)
Global Research
Mortgage Fraud


Who Invented??

Women's Resources

Who Invented Electricity?
Who Invented Microwaves?
Who Invented Radio?
Who Invented The Bicycle?
Who Invented the Computer?
Who Invented The Idea of a Flat Earth?
Who Invented The Internet?
Who Invented The Telephone?
Who Invented the Themrmometer?
Who Invented the Windshield Wiper?
Who Invented The Zipper?

National Organization for Women
National Womens History Project
Sherry Jackson
Stephanie Kwolek Invented Kevlar
Women and Rights
Women Mathematicians
Women Rulers in History
Womens Soccer World



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