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PageKeeper® bookmark automatically “keeps” your place as you read through your book and keeps track of where you are page by page automatically.

PageKeeper® is ideal when commuting taxi, bus, train, or on a plane. PageKeeper® bookmark can be your best friend! You open and close your book dozens of times on your commute, but thanks to the PageKeeper® bookmark you’ll never lose your place with the PageKeeper® bookmark firmly attached to your book. You won’t have to look for your bookmark, or “dog ear” a page; just close the book and your PageKeeper® bookmark will silently keep your place.

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Do you fall asleep reading? Many do, but thanks to your PageKeeper® bookmark it will automatically keep your place so you know where you left off! When you’re ready to get back to reading your book the PageKeeper® bookmark will have kept your place.

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PageKeeper® automatic bookmark makes a great inexpensive gift for that special friend, or loved one.

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