Individual Personal Putting Greens

and designer greens

Set up is a snap and this baby is one TOUGH product!

 Asembling the green

A Tough Product 






  Training aids and standard personal Puttingutting greens

 $'X10' #PG-10PP-1 (10 Panel Product)
# PG-10PP-1
10 Panels

Two cartosn 122lbs.


With 40 square feet of putting surface this all weather green is a golfer’s dream come true! The first full size putting green that creates quality practice for golfers of any skill level.

With room enough for two, the 4' x 10' delivers everything an enthusiast of the game demands. Club speed turf with adjustable breaks incorporating two regulation cups and pins are standard. The 4' x 10' green is ready for use in any indoor or outdoor space. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. Elevate your game to a new level today!

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 PG-12PP-1 (12 panel product)
product #PG12PP1 12 tile panels size 4' X12

This all weather putting green does it all.

Long putts, solid feel, and the true roll of the club speed turf make this 4' x 12' green a must for any player who understands the importance of realistic practice.

Practice at the office, in your home or in your backyard with the most realistic putting system on the market.

This is a professional quality putting green with adjustable breaks and two regulation cups and pins. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. You will become a better putter!

All it takes is a little practice. Buy two three or more for the rental market.

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 PG-19pp-! (19 Panel Product)  These putting greens are ideal for design builders who want to provide their clients with that little extra in terms of value.
they are also ideal for municipal recreation centers private sports clubs, hotels, hospitals government buildings condo buildings for rooftop recreation golf courses of course but they are also ideal for trade shows and business promotions etc.

Turn Unused space into a revenue generating opportunity
 traing Aid




#TA- 7PP1     13' Training aid




 #TA-4PP-1  7'' Training Aid

 TA- 5PP-1



#TA-5PP1  9' Training Aid

 PG-DB2PP-1 DOG Bone




#PG-DB2PP-1 Dog Bone Putting Green

 #PG-10PP-1 4 X 10 PUtting Green




#PG-10PP-1  4' X 10' Personal putting green

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 #PG-12PP-1 4' X 12' putting green


#PG-12PP-1  4' X 12' Personal Putting green

 #PG-19PP-1 8' X 12' Personal Putting green



#PG-19PP-1  8' X12' Personal Putting Green

 #DPG-26PP-1 12' X12'



#PG-26PP-1 12' X 12' Personal Putting Green





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