Mobile Fire Safety Teaching Equipment
("Safety House Tent")


Teaching kindergarten and elementary children about both the dangerous aspects of how fires are started, and the skills they need to survive can be a very expensive task.


While mobile safety trailers are an excellent method for teaching young children all about fire safety. The downside is a) the expense of purchasing such a trailer unit, and b) having a place to store it! Many small townships and municipalities just don't have the available funds required for that kind of investment.


These problemsare now solvedbecause of a unique NEW Safety House Tent which is designed to be used in the same way that Safe House Trailers were used, but at a much lower investment. 

This NEW innovation now provides a resource for fire departments, police, municipal, and city community services, schools, insurance companies and other groups that can be used to educate and now benefit more children, and hopefully save many lives, and or help thousands of children avoid burns, poisonings, choking, drownings, and other injuries.


Image Safe Houe Tent 1

Inside and outside graphics show potential hazards both inside the home and outside. Hazards include but not limited to Fire related, electric shock, poisoning, choking, drowning, answering the door to strangers, telephone safety, computer use safety, stranger danger, and a host of other hazards children should be aware of.

The Safety House Tent can be used to teach small children ages kindergarten through elementary school. As well it can be used in high school to teach baby sitters about hazards, and preventative safety skills in the event of an emergency.


  • Dimensions 14' X 10' X 12' 
  • Walls and roof made of heavy Duty Vinyl Canvas 
  • Material is Flame Retarded (to California Specifications) 
  • Attaches with industrial grade straps 
  • 2 Inch Anodized Aluminum Tubular Framework 
  • Bright fade resistant graphics inside and out depicting "hazards" 
  • Can be set up indoors, or outdoors 
  • Can be set up by one person 
  • Stores in four storage cases 
  • Walls can be removed for more flexibility with larger audiences 

Here children are interacting with demonstration staff, recognizing potential poison hazards in the kitchen. The puppets can be used when giving instruction to very small children.


image of children using drop and crawl escape method

Children being shown how to exit a burning building,  using the "fall and crawl" technique to aviod smoke inalhation, the fogger simulates deadly smoke conditions. The children are also taught to feel/test the door for heat before opening, a heat pad in the door is used to simulate the heat.

"I hear, and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand"....Confucius

"Safe Same" Says
image Safe Sam 147X197
Well Done!


 Accessories  (included with the Safety House Tent)

  • Various hand props
  • Functioning emergency phones for role playing dialing 911, speaking to dispatcher
  • Smoke machine for simulating real fire conditions
  • Heated door (Contains UL approved heat pad) to simulate real fire conditions
  • Smoke detectors for discussion and practical use
  • Push out window with "escape ladder"
  • Walls with graphics representing various rooms kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.
  • "Safe Sam"  and "naughty Sally" puppets for use with kindergarten children
  • 100 Companion colouring / coloring books
  • Lesson cards (prompt / script cards to help the person doing the presentation)
  • Complete lesson handbook (how to present a Safety demonstration)
  • 15 Safety posters
  • Carrying cases

Image of Safety House-2

Funding the purchase of your Safety House Tent

Many companies such as Insurance companies, hydro companies, auto dealerships, grocery stores, banks. credit unions etc. like to sponsor educational projects such as "Fire Prevention" programs etc.

Many times these corporations will contribute to, or fully fund the purchase of your Safety House Tent as a community service.

Below is the control cabinet "closed" which houses much of your equipment.

image closed equipment cabinet

Storage frame and cabinet showing the smoke machine, the cordless phones,and control center

image Open Cabinet showing phones and monitoring system

Floor plan and frame information

image Safety House floor plan img size 323X419




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