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  • Importers, exporters, distributors of various and ever changing products. Stainless steel water bottles, Tailknott'r anglers unique tying tool, inflatable amusement rides bouncy castles obstacle courses, and dunk tanks, radio control toys, educational resources, gifts. Webpage building and maintenance, web site hosting and much more.
  • Importers, exporters, distributors of various and ever changing products. Stainless steel water bottles, Tailknott'r anglers unique tying tool, fishing lures, inflatable amusement rides bouncy castles obstacle courses, and dunk tanks, radio control toys, educational resources, gifts. Webpage building and maintenance, web site hosting and much more.
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  • For start up business we supply a full assortment of Inflatable bouncy castles, bungee, runs, obstacle courses, giant inflatable slides, slip and slides, giant inflatable basketball, mazes, dunk tanks, portal miniature golf courses, 5 in 1 inflatables. Your one stop shop for you're amusementand recreational business start up package.
  • Inflatable Bouncy Castles for private birthday party rentals, family picnics reunions, barbecue's or simple get togethers. We are your professional Funologist!
  • Mobile dunk tanks with window for rental business, fars, festivals business promotions school fun days etc.
  • Bucket Splasher is the newest carnival rental game, less costly than a dunk tank easier to handle available to more participants than a dunk tank and easier to rent.
  • Supplying inflatable bouncers, hi-strikers, crossbow gallery, 5 in 1 Whacky fun house, Clyde the 50' caterpillar and more, to schools, festival society's, business Busine promotions, fund raising, Canada Day, fall fairs etc. Call us for a quote on your next event.
  • Used amusement equipment, inflatable bouncy castles and bungee runs, hi strikers,dunk tanks, portable miniature golf courses, giant slides, and more.
  • Instantly and automatically levels ladders up to nine inch variance. Working on an uneven surface or whereever there is a grade differential (such as steps) is easy-peasy now with level-eze automatic ladder levelers. A must have for window cleaners, roofers, siding installers, painters, window installers, tree fellers, electricians, cable repair workers, hydro and telephone line workers sign installers school district maintenance personnel, municipal and city workers etc.
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  • Complete sets of disc golf games as well as accessories discs, frisbee's, disc nets, and hoops. Various types and sizes of disc golf systems for home and or use i public recreation centres, sports, clubs, schools, colleges etc.
  • Hand held megaphones bullhorns public address systems variety of styles to meet your needs. Great for addressing crowds at sports events, meetings, protest marches, union gatherings, festivals, schools, police and fire departments, airports, recreation centres/centers, military etc.
  • We supply top quality portable miniature 9 and 18 hole mini golf courses for entrepreneurs, golf courses, family entertainment facilites, hotels, tourist attractions. Our mini golf systems can be used at festivals, special events or can be landscaped into your property for a professional feel.
  • Our individual putting greens can be used indoors or outdoors, They are an excellent way to improve your putting skills and knock strokes off your game.
  • designer putting greens for home and office use indoor or outdoor save money on putting practice with you own personal putting green
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  • A low cost fully portable, set up anywhere mini golf set. Perfect for schools, training camps, boys and girls clubs, seniors facilities, summer camps, municipal recreation centers/centres, rental companies, non profit groups, fundraising events, trade shows etc.
  • The Mini-Duffer series is the economy portable mini-golf system and a great entry level for anyone wishing to get into the mini-golf market. These systems are ideal for renting, fundraising or earning extra money on the weekends.
  • We can supply putters golf balls, practice putting cups, mens ladies or childrens size putters, as well as home putting games and sets for indoor or outdoor recreational, personal, and rental use.
  • The latest indoor outdoor multi purpose artificial greens courses combines mini-golf, putting, bochi ball, crochet,and lawn bowling. These systems are ideal for hotels, community centres, schools, recreation facilities, military bases, holiday resorts, summer camps etc.
  • Extensive list of educational resource links for kids parents, teachers and students of any age. Resources to hundreds of topics, including art,english, biology,geography, science, astronomy, performing arts, drama schools, poetry, books and much more.
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  • Dictionary and language electronic translators translators Ectaco, Franklin, Besta, Lingo, pocket electronic personal translators with speach recognition
  • hundreds of angling links to websites all around the world. Tackle and bait stores, fine rod manufacturers, fishing forums, boat dealers, accommodations, fly in fishing trips, angling magazines articles and books.
  • An innovation in FLOATING sunglasses. probably the most comfortable sunglasses you will ever wear. Fishgillz Polarized lens sunglasses are different to regular glasses by a country mile. Praised by anglers, Kayaker's, runners, boaters, cyclist's and just about anyone in the outdoor's
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  • A web page with free links to business web sites in BC you can have your business website listed for free with a free link back to your website
  • This is the thank you page for the BC Business Directory free links page
  • A listing of fun, innovative prodcuts and ideas. A tribute to the ingenuity of humankind
  • For you enjoyment we place some of the fun and interesting images available throughout the internet. Credit is given whenever we know the original creator.
  • A few places that people would really like to go whats your favourite place?
  • New never used mobile expresso coffee cart with generator great start up business that can be worked all year round.
  • Low cost custom made embroidered promotional baseball caps, for teams, and corporate branding, T shirts and promotional products and gifts.
  • A unique and amazing little tool that professionals love once they use it. Most anglers will tie an average of approximately three types of knots in their lifetime, The sad thing is they miss out on a whole lot of opportunities, and lose a lot of fish in the process, Tailknottr changes all that.
  • A song about the HST sung from the perspective of Gordon Campbell. Sung by Zoe Lauckner (acappella), The words were selected to shock the listener, it is time BC voters took responsibility for the government that they voted in.
  • We supply carnival rides for school fun fairs, festivals, business promotions etc. The fun-swing ride can accommodate children and adults.
  • TickKey is the only tick removal device on the planet which uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks. TickKey is 99.9% effective in the safe removal of all sizes and types of ticks on both people and pets.
  • An opportunity for schools and other non profits in the Nanaimo area to make an instant commission when certain products are purchased from this web site.
  • Retail and wholesale sales of Fidget spinners and other varied products



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