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Universal Backup Power for cell phones and other hand held devices!



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Socket-Tuit Packaged

Comes Complete with four "AA" batteries
and wrist strap for flashlight use


UNIVERSAL Back up power supply and mini-charger for mobile phones and other Mobile Devices

Most important Feature:

Socket Tuit® charger utilizes DC socket, along with your DC car charger power cord, to make Socket Tuit charger a UNIVERSAL back-up power supply and mini charger for any Mobile Phone, MP3 player, Ipod®, PDA, and other mobile devices.

As it Relates to Mobile Phones:

Electronic, reusable, portable mobile phone charger

  • Provides over 9 hours of straight talk time*
  • Charge your mobile phone's battery in about 2/12hrs**
  • Multiple recharges on a single set of batteries*** (included)
  • Charge your mobile phone using your 12v car power cord
  • Uses any "AA" battery
  • Instant mobile phone power
  • Safe regulated charge
  • Works with virtually all mobile phone brands
  • Great for power outages, emergencies, camping, and more.

 Socket Tuit Flashlight on

Additional Feature:

The Socket Tuit® is also a useful flashlight, when you need it most.

The versatility of the Socket Tuit makes it a must for anyone in the outdoors, anglers, hunters, hikers, campers, Kayaker's, climbers, pot-hole climbers, loggers, rangers, police officers.

Don't be caught off guard

Keep a Socket Tuit® in the trunk of the car, on your boat, at the cabin, in your emergency preparedness kit.

Keep one in your knapsack, take it with you when you go hiking, or even skiing, you never know when or where you might need your phone or even a flashlight.

The Socket Tuit® makes the ideal gift for anyone that plays or works in the outdoors, or who travels a lot. It makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer

We also wholesale this product and invite reseller inquiries!

 Image shows phone being charged.. 


Socket Tuit well as flashlight on

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Always have power for your cell phone, PDA, and other devices. Get peace of mind by having back-up power when you most need it.




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