TickKey® is the only tick removal device on the planet which uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks.

TickKey® is 99.9% effective in the safe removal of all sizes and types of ticks on both people and pets.

Made in the USA!

TickKey collage transparent

Key not included!



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Available colours Red, Orange, Green, Pewter, Black, Purple, Blue

TickKey Features

- Inexpensive
- Free world wide shipping on retail orders
- Easy to use (Very easy!)
- Works on animals and people
- Safely removes embedded ticks
- Will not squish the tick (important)
- Made of strong anodized aluminum
- Comes with EASY to use instructions
- Compact flat design
- Stores easily in:
- On key ring
- Ondog collar
- In wallet or purse
- In pocket
- We offer private label engraving (ask)

Orange Tickkey


  Who uses TickKey®

Purple Tickkey

- Pet owners
- Vetinarians
- pet groomers
- Pet store owners
- Health departments
- Conservation departments
- Environmental departments
- Equestrian riders
- Anglers
- Hunters
- Hikers
- Campers
- Climbers
- Loggers
- Schools
- Fundraising non profit groups



Using the TickKey®

Simply Place the key over the tickin the slot. Pullkey away from the tick sliding along the skin.

The tick is removed easily, mouth parts and all!

See diagram on right.

Ticks carry devastating and sometimes deadly diseases like Lyme disease and Babesiosis, educate yourself on how to prevent these diseases.

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