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 Espresso Coffee Cart Manufactured by All a Cart Inc. U.S.

* Custom designed aluminum, stainless steel construction (4 X 6ft.)
* Self contained, designed for indoor/outdoor use, 220V service panel.
* 3 way power under-counter refrigerator.
* 6 gallon fresh water holding tank.
* Hot water heater, pressurizing pump, accumulator.
* Water conditioner system.
* Four-bay stainless sink and faucet.
* Kohler 7 Kw. Air-cooled LP fueled generator.
* Generator enclosed in a sound proof compartment (roof vented factory installed).   
* Acrylic end panels bare and ready for advertising & company logo. 
Added extras,  Saeco super-automatic espresso machine ( requires a replacement part) Bunn “pour-over” Air pot Coffee brewer.  $ 7,500.00 OBO



We are changing our operation!

And so we are selling all the "USED" items listed below:


For Sale

USED Portable Electric Slot Car Racing System

Image portable Slot Car Track

Fun Nights
Image Slot Party

One Person
Image Slot Car Loading

Need a Trailer?
Image Slot Car and Trailer

Image Trailer Ramp

Easy Loading
Image Trailer Loading

Image Red Tool Cabinet

Carrys All!
Image Red Tool Cabinet 2

Image Tool Cabinet 3

Slot Car Grand Prix Racing Game his slotcars game has been used less than 15 times. Originally purchased from Fun Equipment sales (the manufacturer)Texas at an original landed cost of around $8,000.00 plus $350,,00 for the manufacture of a custom dolly, and the additional cost of a custom made trailer $3,300.00, and the cost $150.00 of a locking tool box for parts and spares.

1/24th scale. Fully portable by one person. Easy set up comes in two  pieces that load onto a dolly (supplied ) which fits through a regular 3'door opening. The extendable  legs fold out of the way for easy storage very slick.

The track measures approximately 15' X 6' when in use. Can be used indoor or outdoor two 10' X 10' pop up tents (not supplied) recommended when using for out door use.

5 lanes of action each player controls his/her own vehicle with the electric controller. The operator can increase or decrease the speed of the cars depending on the skill of the individual players.

Laps are counted with electronic digital lap counter (supplied) races are timed with electronic digital timer (supplied) power to the track cuts off when each race is over. Operator can arbitrarily set time for each race.

What you get for your money:

  • The Slot Car Racing Track System 
  • Checkered Skirt (for around the base of Track 
  • Custom made dolly to transport track in and out of buildings (fits easily through a standard 3' door opening) 
  • Power box controller with speed regulator and meter 
  • Digital Lap counter counts each players laps 
  • Digital race timer (you set the time for each race) 
  • 5 Race Cars (plus bonus 5 more) 
  • 5 Hand Controllers one for each racer 
  • Maintenance tools for cars 
  • Maintenance manual, includes set up and take down instructions etc. 
  • Metal (Locking Cabinet) to store cars controllers, power box, counter, lap timer, tools, parts etc. six drawers 
  • Miscelleneous parts 
  • One custom built aluminum covered Trailer 5' wide X 8' long with toe hitch and running lights brake, stop, left, and right indicators. 

As well as carrying the racing game, the metal storage cabinet. There is also room to fit a couple of bouncers and blowers in the trailer.

Earnings Potential:

  • Rent out for the entire day should rent for about $500.00 to $600.00 per day (a day is four or five hours) 
  • Or charge each player $2.00 or $3.00 to race.
    Example: $2 times five racers is $10.00 give them 1 minute practice and then a 1 minute race. Allowing time for new players to come in you should average approximately 27 races per hour so a potential of around $270.00 per hour earnings which based on a six hour day would be around $1,600.00 income potential per day. So return on investment could be realized very quickly. If you are skeptical then cut the figure in half , it still is a reasonable income.

Good for ages 5 to Adult. However, youths and adults do enjoy this racing game.

Canadians please remember there is GST on sales. For BC residents there is also PST

Shipping is an additional cost. Although for US purchasers we can deliver to the Canadian side of the US border at Blaine Washington.


  • ready made business / income generator 
  • can be deemed recession proof 
  • high earning potential 
  • fast return on investment 
  • easy set up and take down for one person 
  • easy to operate, and monitor 
  • not dependent upon seasons or weather 
  • can use indoors or outdoors 
  • appeals to both genders 
  • appeals to ages from 5 to adult (large market) 
  • appeals to corporations for promotions, and or team building 
  • appeals to festival societies, schools, churches, and other organizations 
  • great resale value of both the slot car system, and the custom made trailer. 
  • Additional income in uncertain economic times 


Price of complete Slot Car System and trailer $6380.00 plus shipping and taxes. (Taxes are charged to Canadian buyers only)

The Slot Car System is now SOLD!


 Wait theres more!

Two Uesd Bouncers WITH Inflation Blowers

 Image Bouncer

Image Clown Bounce2


Image Bouncer on Chesnut Set

Image Bounce Seams 2

Image Back Bouncer

Clown Bounce 1
 (VERY COOD condition)
 Inflatable complete with inflation blower Excellent condition.

Three fully inflated walls partial sun cover. Easy to monitor since the children have to climb into and out of the bouncer.

Clown bounce 2  complete with inflation blower. SOME of the seams are showing wear. The FIRST line of stitching is starting to fail in some places. Blowers may have to be inspected and approved for your local area, generally a small fee from the regulating department in your area.

However, most seams are either double or triple stitched. I would expect that with careful use (not allowing parents or people over 95lbs. into the inflatable a person should get about three years of use out of it.

Return on investment could be realized in a matter of days if marketed properly.

I have included some image of the seams to the left.

Incidentally Our Clown bouncer 2 is the bouncer that appeared in the movie Chestnut The Hero of Central Park Starring Barry Bostwick  (of Spin City fame), Abigail Breslin , and Jessica Amlee. Make sure you take the kids to see it.

It's a great family movie about two orphaned sisters who live in a New York orphanage (which is actually Providence Farm Duncan BC) when the girls find a small abandoned puppy they just have to give it a home. Unfortunately Great Dane puppies don't stay small for too long, so it becomes harder and harder to keep "Chestnut" (that's the dogs name) a secret.

To top it off the girls get adopted by a rich couple who live in a posh New York apartment building that has a strict "no dogs allowed" rule so you can imagine what they get up to. Truly a funny, and heart wrenching movie reminiscent of Lassie. Filmed in New York, Vancouver, and Duncan BC. By Keystone productions.

Combined Asking price for both above Bouncers and blowers $1150.00 plus shipping and tax



 Clyde Caterpillar

50' Feet of colourful sheer delight
, little tykes just love to enter the caterpillar end, run through the obstacles, climb the wall and slide out the morphed Butterfly end. Has some patching on the inside and three or four inflatable small obstacles removed and replaced with patches, still a good income generator fot the little tykes,

Good revenue generator. Comes with Two blowers.

Asking Price $1150.00 plus shipping and tax


 (make an offer now )


 Castle Bounce

15' Castle Bounce (VERY GOOD condition).
 Great for working both private parties, and special events, fun fairs, festivals, business promotions etc.

Easy for one person to transport, set up and take down. inludes blower

Asking Price $1150.00 plus shipping and tax

 (make an offer now )



 Fun House

We call this the Fun House (VERY GOOD condition) and as with the castle bounce it can be used for many different applications. Comes with inflation blower

 Asking Price $999.00 plus shipping and Tax


 Hoppin Ponies






Four Hoppin Ponies complete with pump and equipment bag. Two have pin hole leak on neck nothing that patching wont fix comes with an equipment bag and pump. These horses have been used less than a dozen times.

Price for the 4 ponies and extras. $200.00 plus shipping and tax (tax charged to Canadian buyers only) 




 Strike The Bell Carnival Concession

10' (ten foot) Strike the Bell Carnival Concession.
  (very Good Condition) From kids to adults everyone enjoys the challenge. Fully adjustable for varying strength customers.

Separates into two pieces, has wheels on base for easy moving. Set 10 minutes, I will throw in the wrenches and the small tool box.

Price $1150.00 plus shipping and Tax

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Duck Pond

Duck Pond Folded



Duck Pond (Great condition) those of you who are in the business know what a gret little income earner this is. I used it as a courtesy product and so it has never really been used in the renatal market.


This is how it looks folded up!




 Hot air style balloon 10 foot


 Used once only 10' Advertising Balloon Complete with inflation blower and tie down ropes and a sign.

Asking Price




 Vending Machine

Toy and Joy Five compartment Vending Machine.
Takes both $1.00 (loonie) and $0.25 (quarters). Great additional passive income earner.

Asking Price $245.00 plus shipping and tax

(make an offer now )


 Price does not include shipping or tax all sales are  final!

Tax is only charged to Canadian buyers.







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 USED Portable 9 Hole Miniature Golf System

 Image kids-zone-golf.jpg

Optimum area required 1680sq.ft. Ideal for set up in a family entertainment centre. or in a high traffic area for example hotel, tourst attraction, fairground etc.

This mini-golf system has only been used since Aug 2006 Owner selling for two reasons

10 The area in her entertainment centre is not quite big enough (as you can see in image) and her clientele turned out to be younger than anticipated.

All sizes are approximate. Prices do not include shipping, tax, customs or other associated fees that may apply in your jurisdiction.






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